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Project III

Project Work Need to be Conducted Based on Following Guidelines:
Unit I: Group Formation:
    1. Not exceeding 4 persons per group
Unit II: Proposal Defense

The first stage is worth 10% of the grade and the grading shall be based on the following:

    1. Specification (Define the Problem)
    2. Project plan (Draw up a project plan identifying the different components)
    3. The overall budget
Unit III: Development Stage (Work performed)

The second stage is worth 50% of the overall grade which is evaluated as follows:

    1. System design (if applicable)
    2. Thoroughness of the work done
    3. Familiarity with other work in the field
    4. Ability to critically evaluate work of others
    5. Understanding of methods used in the project
    6. Amount of work performed, Significance of the work performed
    7. Level of achievement with respect to the degree of difficulty
    8. Correctness
    9. Ability to identity problem areas and suggest appropriate solutions
    10. Ability to work with others
    11. Project management skills
Unit IV: Reporting Stage
  • Documentation (20%):
This criterion evaluates the final document presented. This includes the final project report including journals of the student’s experiences during the project, the programmer’s manual,the user’s manual, the source code listings, and data used for program verification, validation and output. It consists of 20% of the total marks. In particular, the following points are evaluated:
    1. Report organization (systematic and logical), Text formatting style (clarity and conciseness), Completeness of the report
    2. Readability of manuals
    3. Readability of programs
    4. Organization and analysis of data and output
  • Presentation (20%):
At the end of the semester the students will have to give a presentation. The students must present their work in the presence of external examiners (all students must attend all presentations). This criterion evaluates the ability of student in presenting his/her work to other people. It consists of 20% of the total marks. In particular, the following points are evaluated:
    1. Organization and smartness of appearance of presenters
    2. Delivery
    3. Clarity
    4. Content
    5. Ability to answer questions
    6. Demonstration of the system
    7. Application of audio-visual aids


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