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Project II


Course Objectives:

    1. To develop the concept about programming using PLT.
    2. Implementing various programming technique using SAD.
    3. To develop the real based project using programming language VB .Net and database System language.

Course Contents:

Credit Hours ——————————————————————— 30 hours
The following are documentation guidelines to be given to each student along with an assignment that should cover most of the main topics given in the framework.
  • Cover Page
  • Executive summary
  • Acknowledgment
    1. Introduction
    2. The Assignment project
    3. Objective of Assignment project
    4. Time Plan for the work assigned
    5. Investigation of the problems
    6. System Analysis:
      1. Feasibility study
      2. Context Diagram
      3. Data Flow Diagram
    7. System Design:
      1. ER and implementation
      2. User interface
      3. Program Specification
      4. Algorithms
      5. Flowchart or Decision tree or Decision Table or Structure English
    8. Program coding
    9. Input test Data
    10. Program Testing
    11. Output/Reports
    12. Computer (software and Hardware) requirement to run this program
    13. Software Installation and operation procedures
    14. Comments on the Assignment project if any (How did he/she find it? Time provided and resources along with teacher’s guidance at required of the student or not. What improvement you would make if certain asked thing provided to you?)
    15. Conclusion and recommendation
    16. Users Manual
Special Attention:
Each student should be given ample opportunity to use computer system for the assigned project work. Sample format of project work could be given to the students before assigning the work.
The computer system must have required necessary software packages and program installed in order to accomplish the tasks assigned to them. Teacher could guide students during the development work assign to students. Generally, individual project is more preferable because he/she can learn more on project but project work can be done in group (maximum of 4 persons in each group).


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