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Object Oriented Programming


Course Objectives:

    1. This course aims to provide an introduction to Windows Programming using object oriented Language.
    2. Students learn the concepts needed to write programs using event-driven, object-oriented.
    3. It also helps the students in learning the object-oriented Database Management System.

Course Contents:

Unit I: Introduction to Object Oriented Programming —————— 4 hours
    1. Limitation of Procedural Language
    2. Object-oriented approach
    3. Features of object-oriented language:
      1. Classes
      2. Object Inheritance
      3. Reusability
      4. Polymorphism
Unit II: Classes and Objects ————————————————— 8 hours
    1. Components of Class
    2. Scope of Public, Private and Protected members
    3. Constructors and constructor overloading
    4. Destructors
    5. Class
    6. Object and Memory
    7. Static Data and Class Member
Unit III: Inheritance ————————————————————- 6 hours
    1. Derived class and base class
    2. Derived class constructors
    3. Overriding member function
Unit IV: Operator Overloading and Data Type Conversion ———— 6 hours
    1. Overloading Unary Operators
    2. Overloading Binary Operators
    3. Data type conversion
Unit V: Pointers ——————————————————————- 7 hours
    1. Address and Pointers
    2. Pointer and Arrays
    3. Pointers and Function
    4. Pointer and String
    5. Memory management using new and delete
Unit VI: Virtual Function and Polymorphism —————————– 7 hours
    1. Virtual function and normal function
    2. Pure virtual function
    3. Polymorphism
Unit VII: Exception Handling ————————————————- 4 hours
    1. Compile time exception handling
    2. Run Time exception handling
Unit VIII: Miscellaneous Topics ———————————————– 6 hours
    1. Friend function
    2. Pointer
    3. Templates: Class and Function

Reference Books:

    1. R. Lafore: Object Oriented Programming in Turbo C++, Galgotia Publications Ltd. India, 1999
    2. David Parsons: Object Oriented Programming with C++


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