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How To Get Rid Of This HP Welcome Screen Popup


HP Welcome Center is an HP-branded version of the Windows Welcome Center, which launches at when Windows launches. The HP Welcome Center provides you with links and information on HP products. You also have access to several commonly used sections of Windows. If you don’t want or need the HP Welcome Center launching when you start the computer, you can disable it so follow my instructions.

The following steps are definitely gonna work
Method 1

  • Press Ctrl+shift+esc to open the task manager
  • IN the processes tab, find HP Welrcome
  • Right Click on it and click Open file Location
  • Rename the file that comes selected (Garage.Container with an HP icon)
  • You are done!!! This won’t create any problems (mine doesn’t have)… IF it does, you can always rename it to Garage.Container

Tip– If this trick doesn’t work, try changing the file extension of Garage.Container, from .exe to .txt or .doc

it no longer launches. This process does not adversely affect the operating system’s functionality, and you don’t need it to use your computer. The HP Welcome Center is only available on the Windows Vista operating system; later versions of Windows use a window called “Getting Started” instead of the Welcome Center.
Not Working ?

Method 2

  • Uninstall HP Welcome from Control Panel

Enjoy ! 🙂

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