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Business and Technical Communication

The main objectives of this course are:-
    1. To develop the ability to deliver technical knowledge orally in English.
    2. To be able to comprehend and take notes after listening and reading.
    3. To fasten reading skills in technical and non-technical reading materials.
    4. To develop summarizing skills in writings.
    5. To impart the knowledge of effective written and oral communication skills for handling business operations.
Unit I: Review of English Grammar —————————————– 6 hours
  1. Clause and its types
  2. Sentence structure
  3. Sentence types (simple, compound and complex)
  4. Transformation of sentences
  5. Voice (Active and Passive)
  6. Variety levels of English:
    1. Formal
    2. Informal
    3. Polite
    4. Familiar
    5. Impolite
    6. Spoken
    7. Written.
Unit II: Fundamentals of Business Writing ——————————— 3 hours
    1. Adaptation and Selection of Words:
      1. Importance of Adaptation
      2. Suggestions for selecting words
      3. Suggestions for non- discriminatory writing
    2. Construction of clear sentences and paragraphs
Unit III: Business Correspondence ——————————————- 9 hours
    1. Situations requiring directness:
      1. Direct inquiries
      2. Favorable Responses
      3. Adjustments grants
      4. Order acknowledgements
      5. Claims
      6. Personal evaluation
      7. Order letters
    2. Indirect Situations:
      1. Refused request
      2. Adjustment and refusals
      3. Credit refusals
      4. Vague
      5. Back order
    3. Persuasive Request and Collections:
      1. Persuasive Requests
      2. Collection letters
Unit IV: Technical Writing Skills ——————————————– 12 hours
    1. Preparation of short memoranda (Importance- formats)
    2. Job Application and Bio-data
    3. Description writing (Process, Mechanism, and Place etc.)
    4. Seminars papers (Conduction of seminar, Writing Seminar Paper, Preparation of circular)
    5. Preparation of reports (Types: short, long letter, memo-reports)
    6. Writing Proposals (Grant, Research, Project Proposals)
    7. Conduct of Meeting (Agenda, Notification, Minute Preparation)
    8. Documentation (APA Format : Citing Author/s, Book/s, Journal, Newspaper, Magazine and Websites)
Unit V: Oral Communication ————————————————– 6 hours
    1. Technical talks (Suggested Topics: Environmental pollution, construction, water resources, impact of computer in modern society, impact of satellite communication, urban development)
    2. Interview (Effective Techniques, How to prepare, Body Language, What to expect? Dos and Don’ts)
Unit VI: Technology Enabled Communication —————————– 3 hours
    1. Using technology in communication task
    2. Tools for presenting messages
    3. Tools for transmitting messages
    4. Tools for collaboration
    5. A look to the future
Unit VII: Reading skills ——————————————————— 6 hours
    1. Comprehension question and exercise (from prescribed passages- Freedom (G. B. Shaw), Knowledge and Wisdom (Bertrand Russel), The Story of an Hour (Kate Chopin), Why Go to University? (Moti Nissani), Beauty (Susan Sontag)
    2. Note Taking and Summary/ Precis Writing (from any passages containing 250-350 words)
Unit VII: Practical Works: —————————————————– 3 hours
    1. To present a seminar paper
    2. To participate in a group discussion
    3. To conduct a meeting
    4. To prepare and practice to face an interview
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